ClickMore Media: A Multi-Disciplinary Team With A Passion For Great Design

Our Philosophy is Simple:

Underpromise and Overdeliver.

That pretty much says it all about our philosophy. You see, we’ve been on YOUR side of the table. We have worked with agencies and consultancies, and had the same issues with many of them that YOU have had, agencies that:

  • Constantly overpromise and consistently underdeliver
  • Lack industry-specific knowledge
  • “Back up the school bus” of inexperienced resources to your office
  • Have to be the smartest people in the room.

We’re not that agency.

You’ve built your business because you know what you’re doing. Sometimes you just want help making your business bigger or better. Sometimes your nugget of an idea just needs some new eyes to be nurtured along, sometimes you just need a thoughtful ear to help articulate your vision. And sometimes, you just need extra hands to make sure everything gets DONE.

We believe in getting the RIGHT things done – on time and under budget.


How We Got Here

In 2012, Don Dudenhoeffer and Tom Ham joined forces to combine the skills of their respective companies, Young Street Design and Conducive Solutions. Young Street was known for designing and developing world-class websites, and Conducive was known for deep online marketing expertise.  In January of 2013 this combination was launched as ClickMore Media, a full service online marketing consultancy. Don and Tom both have many years of agency and consultancy experience, but also have industry experience as well. We’ve worked with everything from full-blown pre-revenue startups to Fortune 100 clients across many sectors.

And the one thing that our clients rave about, even more than the beautiful designs we create or the innovative marketing techniques we deploy, is that we always deliver.

Experienced Leadership

Don Dudenhoeffer

Don’s creative prowess has been rewarded many times over his 20 year career, first by winning the prestigious Jennifer Stone Memorial Award at the University of Georgia for the most creative student of the year. This was followed by numerous awards, including an Emmy, for his work at BeyondZ, one of the top interactive agencies of its time. Since then, he ventured on his own to start Young Street Design. Don has the unusual combination of creativity and business savvy that leads to innovative solutions for ClickMore clients.

Tom Ham

Tom brings 30 years of technology consulting experience to ClickMore Media. He started with Andersen Consulting right out of Tulane Business School, and has since been an executive with Cambridge Technology Partners and USWeb/CKS. Most recently prior to Conducive Solutions and ClickMore, Tom was CMO at StomperNet, where he helped to build it into the largest Internet Marketing training company in the world. Tom is responsible for client relationships and runs the day-to-day operations of ClickMore Media.