We Get the Click…
… By Using Innovative Online Marketing Techniques.

Why Leave Money On The Table?

Customers WILL give money to you.  We pride ourselves on knowing how to Get the Click by combining aesthetic design with cutting edge online marketing techniques. Whether it’s building a landing page that’s a search engine magnet, understanding the value of the proper Submit button color or creating compelling headlines, we know what will work.

Did you know there are effective, tested techniques that literally compel users to click on your pages? That the essence of Search Engine Optimization is NOT to try for a top ranking in Google (for competitive keywords)? Do you know effective ways to get customers to gladly give you more money?

We do.

Best-Practice Conversion Techniques

No sleight-of-hand required.  The most important goal of web design is conversion. It’s also the most misunderstood. Each page on your site should be designed to get your visitor to DO something – like opting in for more information, selecting a specific product, showing their intent to purchase – that’s what WE mean by “converting” them. Do you know what your conversion goal for each page is? If you don’t, the only thing you can be sure of is that your conversion is lower than it could be.

At ClickMore, we utilize a proprietary, tested methodology to help you gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs in order to build a better targeted web site that will help you optimize conversions – on EVERY page.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Ranking is not important. Do you know where you rank in search engine results? Those rankings may not be as important as you think. Trying to rank for competitive keywords may not be the right approach for your business.

Optimizing your website requires experience to ensure you have the proper keyword analysis, site structure, internal linking techniques, and inbound link strategies. As technology evolves and the search engine algorithms change, optimization methods get increasingly complicated and your website’s optimization has to evolve too.

ClickMore is a veteran in website optimization, stays on top of technological advances and utilizes an optimization-specific methodology unique to the industry so that your site can stay on the cutting edge of Search Engine Marketing Strategy.

Revenue Enhancement

It’s Simple: Make More Money.  Are you leaving money on the table with your current online approach? We have a lot of experience maximizing the amount of money that can be extracted from customers during their online experience.

Whether it’s the proper approach to doing up-sells, down-sells, or cross-sells,  properly structuring your offers, or setting up a continuity program properly, we know how to help you make more money.

We will work with you to help you understand which techniques can be the most effective in your market.