LEVERAGE Critical Automation Tools…
… Capture, Track, and Convert Visitors AUTOMATICALLY.

A Budget-Friendly Approach

The technology moves FAST. These days, with literally hundreds of new marketing automation tools released every year, do you know which tools you actually need to get the most out of your online marketing?

We do, from the hottest marketing automation tools, eCommerce platforms, and analytical tools. We have aligned ourselves with the tools that we’ve implemented for our clients that provide the most innovation with the most efficient footprint.

We also try to utilize top-of-the-line open-source tools when possible – this allows you as the client to spend your money on things that add more value, and keep a close eye on precious marketing dollars.

Marketing Automation

Beyond email.  Over the last several years, one of the hottest trends in all of software has been in marketing automation tools. Marketing automation now encompasses supporting and tracking everything your visitors do on your internet-based properties: supporting web forms for prospect capture, automating series of contextual responses, supporting all possible contact media and platforms.

At ClickMore, we are experienced with many of these tools such as HubSpot, Pardot, SalesFusion, Lime Light, and Infusionsoft. We understand the proper application of these tools in client environments and know how to make them ‘sing’.

Content Management and E-Commerce

Minimize Total Cost of Deployment  An often overlooked aspect of internet marketing is the role of Content Management and eCommerce tools. We have deployed everything from open-source products, such WordPress and Concrete5 to more intricate tools like ShopVisible and Magento. Given the value attached by Google to both number of pages and depth of content on those pages, content development and management many times is the ‘hidden part of the iceberg’ for websites.

Our goal is to always get our clients self-sufficient on the use of these platforms as quickly as possible. This has two benefits: it keeps the long-term Cost of Deployment of the system down for clients, but also allows us to spend more time on higher value/higher impact projects for these same clients.

Detailed Analytics

The devil’s in the details?  We beg to differ. We believe that the MONEY is in the details.

With so many ways to track user behavior, and design your workflows and processes around the things that you KNOW WORK to get people to do what you want them to with you, why wouldn’t you? Only that which can be measured can be improved. On the internet, we can measure almost anything, from how long the visitor stays on your page, to how long a visitor viewed your critical sales video, to what they’re ACTUALLY looking at when they come to your site (and you’ll be surprised!)

It’s very important to understand the difference between data and information. Effective online marketing is all about efficiently monetizing the wealth of information that can be gleaned from the mounds of data acquired online.