DRIVE the Total Customer Experience…
… Get Them To Gladly Do What You Need Them To.

Wait… Who’s Driving?

It better be you.  Do you know how your customers want to interact with you? At ClickMore, we start by looking at how you currently handle your Total Customer Experience.

Does your site have curb appeal so that customers won’t think you built your site 10 years ago (and think you don’t really care about your online presence)?   Does it “feel” good to users – can they easily navigate the site?   Does it work regardless of what device your customer is using?

Most importantly, do you really understand what you want your customers to DO when they are on your site?

Device Independence

True Responsive Design. No matter where your customers are – at home on the desktop, on the train with a tablet or checking their email on their smart phone while at a coffee shop, they want to surf and shop from everywhere.

Your business needs a responsive, mobile-friendly online presence so that wherever your customers are, they can freely and easily navigate your site. ClickMore Media specializes in building device-independent web properties that are effective on all devices to satisfy your customers’ needs. We use state-of-the-art responsive design tools to make this happen quickly and effectively.

More than “Curb Appeal”

It’s not enough for your site to be “pretty.” Is your design actually effective? Does your homepage immediately confirm that your prospect is on the right site?

Your company’s first online impression is paramount when there are millions of websites online. Visitors scan a web page and within seconds will decide to stay or to move on.

Does each page on your site logically represent the business process that your customer is expected to try to complete and does each page allow customers to do what your customer wants they think it does?

Great web design is far more than just the appealing visual aspect. Effective web design is much more holistic as it incorporates appeal but also satisfies the functional requirements.

User-Driven Design

Can they do what YOU want?  Can your customers navigate your site – from all devices – and do what they need to do in the most cohesive and efficient manner possible? Are your visitors able to do what YOU want them to do?

These are all questions that ClickMore Media looks at from a holistic standpoint. Page by page, we ensure usability of your site above all. We’ve learned a lot about site development from sites like Craigslist – it may not be pretty, but it is easy to use and easy to accomplish your goals as a visitor. We work to provide you with user interface design to make your customers’ online experience streamlined and effective.