Success Doesn’t Happen By Accident…
… It Requires Skills and Knowledge Paired With The Right Strategy


Initially, we will conduct a short project phase called the Discovery. In this phase, we will stay at a high level to understand your business goals and drivers, and extract from you the issues that have led you to seek assistance from firms such as ours. We will also endeavor to understand the current state of your business, the state of your site and automation tools, your IT support staff and environment, and your marketing strategy and current tactics.


The next step in our methodology is called Alignment, and refers to us ensuring that your company goals and strategies are aligned with the project goals and tactics. Many times, companies have significant disconnects as they embark on these types of projects. It’s important that we all agree on the goals of the project, and in broad terms, the types of tactics that will lead us there. This is the step where most of the innovation occurs; likewise, it can be the point at which the project can begin heading in the wrong direction. So Alignment is the key step.

Step 3: DESIGN and BUILD 

In most projects, there will be a step during which we will Design the agreed upon innovations, including landing pages, websites, html emails, banner ads, and the like. These designs typically will include different versions for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. We will then present the designs to the client for approval.   Then we will Build those items out with our development team, including implementation and testing. This step may also include implementing automation tools for our clients, such as Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, or WordPress.


The thing that sets online marketing apart from previous types of marketing is our ability to measure – we can measure almost everything that your prospects or customers do in their online interactions with you – from the amount of time they spend on your site, to understanding what they are looking at, noting what links they click, finding the path they take to purchase your products or services. Many times, these measurements are the difference between profit and loss for companies. Measurements provide insight into what improvements need to be made. Your online marketing should NEVER be sitting still – you must continue to test and tweak – in a word, to Optimize.